Software Design for Medical Devices 2017

The medical device marketplace is a competitive one, and it's getting more competitive every day. With ground breaking innovations and cutting edge ideas appearing from non-traditional and brand new companies, what are you doing to make your device the best option out there?

When medical device software is innovative, effective and secure, devices get to market quicker and more successfully.

The bad news - increased regulatory pressures, security challenges and the need for efficient design that is validated & verified, all introduce challenges that slow down your product life-cycle.

The good news -by harnessing the appropriate tools to be more effective, you can thrive in this highly-competitive marketplace.

With representatives from the BIGGEST and most innovative medical device companies in the world, as well as major regulatory bodies, at the 7th Annual Software Design for Medical Devices conference will provide you with answers to all your technical and regulatory questions.

Join us to discuss the hottest topics in the industry:


Maintaining compliance in a changing regulatory landscape


Driving innovation in production development with non-traditional thinking


Effectively implementing agile development methodologies to improve efficiency


 Protecting you products with in-depth cyber security know-how


Applying Human Factors and Usability methodologies to minimize use-related hazards and optimize device design

Now in its 7th year running, SDMD has really proved itself as the leader in the field. 2017’s event will continue to serve as a platform to exchange best practices, ideas and help drive innovative solutions for medical devices

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